The sum to infinity of a sequence is the sum of an infinite number of terms in the sequence. It is only possible to compute this sum if the terms of a sequence converge to zero.“Sum To Infinity” is also the second release from Gamut Inc that combines custom-built autonomous music machines with haunting classical synthesiser sounds to create a dense musical kaleidoscope.

The core of the album is formed by Risset rhythms – cyclic accelerations and decelerations, in which rhythmic layers repeatedly fade in and out, setting in motion a seemingly endless process of rhythmic movement. The motifs are taken from geometric and arithmetic series that create urgency and restlessness. The rigour of the construction is obscured by an orchestra whose timbres are reminiscent of a retro-futuristic indigenous ensemble. Gamut Inc translate strategies of electronic music like pulse-width modulation to music machines such as automated accordion, automated percussion or glockenspiels and create an intense atmosphere that is idiosyncratic, original and modern at the same time.

„Six enigmatic, alphabetically titled tracks build to the mind-scrubbing minimalism of “Series F”, whose shapeshifting pulses resemble Ligeti´s Atmosphères run through a square wave LFO”.

„An intellectually as well as affectively stimulating album.”
Field Notes, releases of the month

“There is no room for boredom here.”
groove magazine