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Digitalisation advances ever further into areas beyond the virtual – for the pipe organ, this opens up new artistic possibilities. All of the instrument’s parameters can now be controlled by computer via interfaces, while the sound is still created in the pipes of the organ. In this way, a meshing of instrumental and electronic music, the possibilities of which are largely untapped, can be achieved. gamut inc‘s international concert series and festival AGGREGATE exposes this potential for artistic innovation in organ music of the 21st century. Composers with differing musical backgrounds and orientations create new pieces for automated pipe organs. Contemporary electronics, Neue Musik, avant-garde pop and noise music interweave with one another. Pioneering artistic strategies are explored, from purely automated organ concerts via combinations with instrumentalists to real-time control and synchronisation with electronics. AGGREGATE pursues the fundamental questions that computer controlled instrumental music poses: virtuosity and its overcoming, the limits of perception of highly compressed musical events, the crossovers and links between electronic and acoustic music, objective interpretation and the effects of mechanically precise reproduction.

organ console at Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche Berlin



The internationally renowned organs in Orgelpark Amsterdam, the Stavanger Concert Hall, Kaiser-Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche or in the Kunst-Station Sankt Peter in Cologne all offer unique technical and sonic possibilities. The number of pipes, timbres of the register, additional striking mechanisms, wind pressure control and the acoustics of the spaces are all very different. The organ inaugurated at St. Antonius in Düsseldorf Oberkassel in 2017 was one of the first in the world to make use of SINUA control technology, in which the registration of the instrument is radically reorganised. The full potential of the organ as a synthesiser unfolds through the instrumentation of the timbres and the selection of pipe sounds. Unrestricted automation of the register makes the creation of completely new tonal palettes possible.

gamut inc – Photo: Christoph Voy



The compositions explore artistic stylistic devices that only become possible through programmability: automated changes in register, concurrency of different tempos, extreme density of events, complex polyrhythms, aural-physical phenomena, or sliding transitions between tonal, noise and rhythmic. Through automation, the characteristics of the pipe organ as machine and acoustic synthesiser come to the fore, uncovering innovative artistic positions between acoustic and electronic music. Automation, which was already being applied at the beginning of the 20th century, reaches a completely new quality through computer control. Control is now significantly more reliable, register changes and note durations can be adjusted in millisecond intervals, meaning that new acoustic phenomena can be created.

AGGREGATE Festival 2023
Auenkirche Berlin, Thu 2nd of Nov
The AGGREGATE Festival for computer-controlled organ presents a one-day edition in 2023 as part of the inauguration of the restored organ in the Auenkirche. The many possibilities offered by computer control of Berlin’s second largest organ will be explored by Canadian artist George Rahi and the retro-futuristic ensemble gamut inc.
Tickets: 15€ / 7€ only at the box office


MIDI technology developed in the 1980s is means by which organs can be controlled by computer. Current technology enables MIDI notes to be created in real time and immediately checked on the instrument. Algorithmic composition programmes enable intuitive composition processes with a large amount of material. Thousands of notes and parameters can be generated and manipulated in the shortest of time. The computer-controlled organ is the provisional and logical climax in the development of the instrument, which has been continually updated using the newest mechanical achievements since its invention.

During the pandemic we controlled the organ in St Antonius/Düsseldorf from Berlin

gamut inc‘s AGGREGATE Festival Berlin : Oct 11 – 13 2022

Oct 11
Kapelle der Versöhnung, 7-9pm
festival opening with the audio-visual installation CLASH/BLEND by Playmodes

Oct 12
Kapelle der Versöhnung, 11am-9pm
audio-visual installation CLASH/BLEND by Playmodes
Gedächtniskirche, 8pm
concerts and talks by Ellen Arkbro, Adi Gelbart, Hampus Lindwall / moderation Hans Fidom

Oct 13
Kapelle der Versöhnung, 11am-9pm

audio-visual installatino CLASH/BLEND by Playmodes
Gedächtniskirche, 8pm
concerts and talks by Jasmine Guffond, gamut inc, Mark Fell / moderation Thaddeus Herrmann

gamut inc‘s AGGREGATE Fesival Berlin : Aug 30 – Sep 1 2021

Aug 30 | ZIONSKIRCHE | Panels with Hans Fidom (Orgelpark Amsterdam), Sinua, Elisabeth Hubmann; Talks with Arturas Bumšteinas and gamut inc | Moderation: Paul Paulun

Aug 30 | KAPELLE DER VERSÖHNUNG | Selected works by Conlon Nancarrow, arranged for organ by gamut inc (MIDI files: Wolfgang Heisig), and a new work for hyperorgan and electronics by Arturas Bumšteinas

Aug 31 | AUENKIRCHE | Talks with Nils Henrik Asheim and Stefan Fraunberger | Moderation: Paul Paulun. New works by Phillip Sollmann and Konrad Sprenger, Stefan Fraunberger, Nils Henrik Asheim

Sept 1 | GEDÄCHTNISKIRCHE | Talks with Gamut Inc, Jessica Ekomane and Seth Horvitz | Moderation: Paul Paulun. New works by gamut inc, Jessica Ekomane, Seth Horvitz



JAN 25 2020 AGGREGATE:SUSTAIN @ Orgelnacht St. Antonius Düsseldorf Oberkassel

FEB 1 2020 AGGREGATE:SUSTAIN @ Kunst-Station St. Peter Köln

AUG 13 2020 AGGREGATE:SUSTAIN @ Auenkirche Berlin

AUG 15 2020 SUSTAIN @ Kapelle der Versöhnung Berlin | Installation by gamut inc

JAN 23 2021 AGGREGATE:SUSTAIN @ St. Antonius Düsseldorf | Telematic concert by gamut inc

JAN 30 2021 AGGREGATE @ Stavanger Concert House | Telematic concert by gamut inc

JUNR 18 2021 Telematic Hyperorgan Concert @ International Symposium Orgelpark Amsterdam
gamut inc plays automated pipe organs in Berlin, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Düsseldorf

AUG 30 – Sep 1 2021 AGGREGATE Festival 2021 Berlin
Concerts & talks @ Zionskirche, Kapelle der Versöhnung, Auenkirche and Gedächtniskirche Berlin

NOV 13 2021 AGGREGATE @ Orgelpark Amsterdam

MARCH 13 – 17 2022 AGGREGATE @ Palau Güell Barcelona
gamut inc prepares installation for the automatable organ in the Palau Güell for Sónar 2022

MARCH 26 2022 AGGREGATE @ Orgelpark Amsterdam

MAY 12 – Aug 9 2022 Residency @ Villa Kamogawa Kyoto | Goethe Institut
gamut inc works on new pieces at the Weimbs organ in Kyoto, Japan

JUNE 11 2022 AGGREGATE Kyoto @ Orgelpark Amsterdam / International Symposium 2022
Hyperorgan Performance with gamut inc and Jun Sagawa in Kyoto, to be presented in Amsterdam!

JUNE 16 – 18 2022 AGGREGATE @ Sónar Barcelona 2022 | Installation by gamut inc at Palau Güell

OCT 1 2022 AGGREGATE @ Stavanger Concert House NORWAY

OCT 11 – 13 2022 AGGREGATE Festival 2022 Berlin
@ Gedächtniskirche with new works from Ellen Arkbro, Mark Fell, gamut inc, Adi Gelbart, Jasmine Guffond, Hampus Lindwall and an installation by Santi Vilanova at Kapelle der Versöhnung

NOV 17 2022 AGGREGATE @ Église St Esprit Paris with works from Hampus Lindwall, Cory Arcangel, Mauro Lanza, gamut inc and studies by Conlon Nancarrow arranged for organ

DEC 2022 AGGREGATE Residency @ Logos Foundation Gent
gamut inc develops new pieces for Hybr and quarter tone organs

JUNE 1 2023 AGGREGATE@ Igreja da Lapa, Serralves em Festa Porto
JUNE 2 2023 @ Masterclass at Academy of Fine Arts Porto about AGGREGATE
JUNE 8–10 2023 AGGREGATE@ Orgelpark Amsterdam, International Symposium
JUNE 14 2023 AGGREGATE@ St Aposteln Köln, Festival Romanischer Sommer
AUG 12 2023 AGGREGATE@ St. Nikolaikirche am Klosterstern, Orgelsommer Hamburg
OCT 21 2023 AGGREGATE@ Festival New Music Vancouver
NOV 2 2023 AGGREGATE@ Auenkirche Berlin
JAN 27 2024 AGGREGATE@ St. Antonius Düsseldorf Oberkassel
MARCH 22 2024 AGGREGATE@ Orgelpark Amsterdam
MAI 22 2024 AGGREGATE collaborations@ Église de Gesù, Toulouse Les Orgues

JUN 10 AGGREGATE@ Ruhr-Universität, Audimax / Bochum 
SEP 13 AGGREGATE@ Metropolitan United Church / Toronto
SEP 20 AGGREGATE@ Ascension of The Lord / Montreal
NOV 9 + 10 AGGREGATE@ Deutsches Musikautomaten-Museum / Bruchsal
NOV 29 AGGREGATE festival 2024@ Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche / Berlin
NOV 30 AGGREGATE festival 2024@ Auenkirche / Berlin
DEC 13 AGGREGATE@ KoncertKirken / Copenhagen

Review, Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, Aggregate Festival 2021
gamut inc at Église de Gesù Toulouse, May 2024, exploring the modular Yves Rechsteiner‘s organ l‘explorateur (built by Tony Decap)

.AGGREGATE COMPOSERS curated by gamut inc

COMPOSERS of the AGGREAGTE Festivals 2021–2023 / curated by gamut inc:

Mark Fell

Ellen Arkbro

Santi Vilanova / Playmode Studios

Jasmine Guffond

Hampus Lindwall

Adi Gelbart

Seth Horvitz aka Rrose

Nils Henrik Asheim

Stefan Fraunberger

Jessica Ekomane

Phillip Sollmann / Konrad Sprenger /

Arturas Bumšteinas

George Rahi


COMPOSERS of the AGGREGATE concert series / curated by gamut inc:

Seth Horvitz aka Rrose

George Rahi

Robert Lippok

Robert van Heumen



Hans Fidom

Thaddeus „Thaddi“ Herrmann

Elisabeth Hubmann

Benedikt Aufterbeck

Paul Paulun